In the last few months several Catholic papers have published articles on the inspiring experience of pilgrims on the Way of St Teresa of Avila in her homeland of Spain.

  Well, we may not all be able to do this literally, but there is nothing to stop us from doing it in our hearts and daily lives by discovering more about St Teresa’s way of prayer and the spiritual tradition of the Carmelite Order which she reformed.

  So that this can be more of a possibility the St Elizabeth of the Trinity Secular Carmelite community, based in Nottingham, will be offering a series of short retreat days which will explore this Teresian Way.

  Even if you aren’t especially drawn to St Teresa you might be a bit confused about the different modern approaches to prayer such as lectio divina, mindfulness, meditation or simply want to go deeper into prayer.  If so, there will be something here for you, too.

  This series of retreat days will take place from 10.30am–3.15pm (Mass at 10am) at St Michael the Archangel, Main Rd, Hathersage, S32 1BB on Saturdays, 6 May, 3 June, 8 July. 

  The days are designed to be free-standing but interlinked, so it’s not necessary to be free to come to all.  Bring a packed lunch, drinks will be available.

  If you’d like any further information please contact Heather Ward OCDS, telephone: 01773 599982, email: heatherward55@gmail.com.